Karnnos : "Deatharch Crann",superb dark-folk ritual album from Portugal.
Christian Wolz : "E Inom Rah",brand new album from this sound art master.
Jack Or Jive : "Kismet", comeback of the Japanes duo, more ambient and atmospheric.
Lux Interna : "Truth and Beauty and all their Severity", remastered and reworked version of the demo, apocalyptic neofolk.
David Abir & Ashley Wales : "Lesson One : Movement A ...", superb atmospheric  music.
Mikael Stavöstrand : "Lite", minimalist and experimental electronic music from Sweden.
Randall Smith : "Sondes", electro-acoustic music on the label Empreintes Digitales.
Compilation : "Bip-Hop", post-electronic artists such as Ultra Milkmaids, Phonem, Goem .... 
Bexar Bexar : "07.04.99", first record of this Texan minimalist band.
Voice Crack : "Shock_Late", Swiss duo of improvised electronic music.
Virago  : "Premier jour", second album of this band from Grenoble, between Noir Désir and Fugazi.
Special Reaping Horde :
Karnnos : "A Burial In Flames", excellent album with darkfolk and ambient ritual sounds.
Wolfskin : "Campos de Matança",  industriel ambiant and ritual project from Portugal. Excellent !
Once A Barge : "The Withered Leaves", melancholic dark-folk band from Germany.
V/A : "The Nemeth", compilation from the excellent portuguese label Reaping Horde.
V/A : "Ostia magazine", compilation coming with the Ostia magazine, from the Topi association.
Velma : "Cyclique", second release of this album by the post electronic band from Lausanne.
V/A : "Reaping Horde", excellent darkfolk ambient and industrial label from Portugal.
Diana Obscura : "Diana Obscura", between classical influences and neofolk, with J.B. of Backworld.
Muslimgauze : "Your Mines in Kabul", another great release of Bryn Jones' endless catalogue.
Lustmord : "Purifying Fire", compilation of rare and unreleased tracks.
Rapoon : "Fallen Gods - (Cidar)", superb ethno ambient ritual album.
Darkwood : "Talons", excellent single with superb design. More neofolk and neoclassic than the 2nd album.
V/A : "Collapse festival", the bands playing at the industrial festival in Rostock last August.
Ignaz Schick : "Tabit", high frequencies and experimental manipulations.
Hans Tutschku : "Moment", very interesting electro-acoustic music.
Maeror Tri / Crawl Unit : "Forazeihan / Broken Books and Wings", absolutely superb, a must !
David Fenech : "Grand Huit", French artist playing some kind of lo-fi post muzak.
Snark : "Angström", French post-rock band. Intimate and beautiful.
C-Schulz & Hajsch : "Sonig 13", superb electronic and ambient manipulations.
Matt Howden : "Hellfires", second solo album from the producer and violonist of Sol Invictus.
Darkwood : "Heimat & Jugend", exceptional second album - instrumental- an apocalyptic jewel !
Eyeless in Gaza : "Song of the Beautiful Wanton", the legend is back. Neofolk avant-gardist.
Christian Wolz : "Schmerzarie", unique album from a very talented artist.
Arkkon : "Rotunda", superb album from David Knight, ambient industrial.
Mimetic Mute : "Positive", solo project of Jérôme Soudan, drummer of Von Magnet and Column One.
Cerberus Shoal : "Crash my Moon Yacht", beautiful post-rock album from the States.
Senssurround Orchestra Meltdown Of Control : "Mort aux Vaches", a noise orchestra...
Lustmord : "The Monstrous Soul", excellent album from Brian Lustmord, as ever.
Delphium : "Nobody sees the Monster in the Light od Day...", superb post-electronic album. A must!
O Quam Tristis : "Funérailles des Petits Enfants", the album version of the demo reviewed in May.
V/A : "The Power of the New Aeon, superb ambient, indus, ritual, neofolk compilation on POW.
Axon Neuron : "Thorned Messages", excellent indus ambient ritual album from the band of Rostock.
Neutral : "Demo", superb neofolk band from Russia, an excellent discovery !
Aelters : "El Frustrator", hard electronic experiences from France.
Kid 606 : "The Soccergirl ep", excellent post-electronic mini-album from Canada.
Pimmon : "Kinetica", computer electronic music from Australia.
Aube & Zbigniew Karkowski : "Mutation", superb collaboration between these two ambient experimental masters.
David Maranha : "Circunscrita", superb album of drones by the Portuguese artist David Maranha.
Spolia Voluptatis : "Ephemeral Age of Nihil", neoclassical and apocalyptic Italian project.
Subtone Trio : "Load", Swiss trio with an excellent project of jazz and drum&bass.
Tetsuo Furudate : "(X).X is not a man or X is mortal", a requiem of powerful noise sounds and melodies, excellent !
Ex-Tension : "Tensions", French band with dark electro industrial soundscapes.
Noctural Emissions / Origami vs Manipura : "Mort aux Vaches", superb split CD mixing industrial with drum & bass.
Militia : "Elvengamello", the comeback of one of the best undergroung band in Italy.
V/A : "Materiali Sonori", very interesting compilation from this Italian label.
V/A : "Between Sun and Moon", superb compilation from the ambient label Amplexus, based in Italy.
Muslimgauze : "Baghdad", dub atmospheres with a rough sound, close to Bryn's beginnings.
Muslimgauze : "Sufiq", first album released after Bryn Jones's death.
The Flying Luttenbachers : "Alptraum", furious album of improvised free jazz.
Einstürzende Neubauten : "Silence is Sexy", brand new album for the 20 years of existence of the band.
D.A.F : "Produkt der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft", reissue of their first album.
Death In June / Fire + Ice : "We said Destroy" 7'', surprising and excellent split single.
VVAA : "Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen", compilation ep from the Hau Ruck label.
Opera Multi Steel : "Eternelle Tourmente", this is the last masterpiece to date of this French cult band.
Speaking Silence : "Insides", superb comeback of the French duo, heavenly voices, etheral music, a must!
The Dawn Visitors : "The Dawn"
V/A : "Verano del 99", pop compilation from the Spanish label Elefant Records.
V/A : "Supermarket", compilation from Elefant Records, Spain.
Uterus Lobster : "Vickibear", excellent one track single from this American ambient band.
Whispering Hills : "Lonely Empty Architecture", superb ambient melodic album from the States.
Whispering Hills : "Night on Earth", excellent remix from this ambient american band.
This Morn' Omina : "Em Sauf Haa-Heru", fantastic tribal ritual album from Belgium.
Critical State : "Kill Kill Kill + Tightrope Walker on Borderline ", excellent electro industrial band from France. O Quam Tristis : "Funérailles des Petits Enfants", superb electro-medieval project from France (heavenly voices)
Velma : "Parole", fantastic ep from this electronic post-rock band from Lausanne. A must !
Vidna Obmana & Willem Tanke : "Variations for Organ, Keyboard & Processors", a masterpiece !!!!!!!
Death In June : "Operation Hummingbird", Excellent second collaboration with Albin Julius.
Non : "Receive the Flame", the perfidious Boyd Rice is back.......
Clockwork Death :"Clockwork Death", very promising electronic industrial project from Italy.
Compilation : "Eclipse", excellent electro (ethno) industrial compil' with the eclipse of 11.8.99 as thema.
Le Forbici di Manitů : "Play & remix Lieutenant Murnau", this Italian band brings back Lt. Murnau to life.
Lux Interna : "Truth and Beauty and all their Severity", superb apocalyptic folk album from the States.
Pan American : "360 Business / 360 Bypass", Mark Nelson, guit. and voc. for Labradford, solo project.
v/a : "MM", mysterious and rare WSD compilation distributed to members of the WSD mailing-list.
Lady Morphia : "Recitals to Renewal", excellent album from this apocalyptic-folk band from England.
Axon Neuron : "Irreversible Neural Damage", excellent dark ritual industrial from Germany.
Lockjaw : "magazine issue 9", excellent fanzine+CD compilation dealing with dark-ambient and industrial.
Ostara : "Operation Valkrie", beautiful single from the forthcoming album "Secret Homeland".
Steev Hise : "Original", an album made of different samples, on Illegal Art.
Andy's Car Crash : "Formes", superb second album from this French band. Post-rock electronica.
v/a : "On the brink of infinity", chthonic streams compilation; neo-folk, ambient, industrial.....
Current 93 : "All dolled up like christ", fantastic live double album recorded in NY in 1996.
Der Blutharsch : "The Pleasures Received in Pain", second album of Albin Julius. Powerful martial beats.
Low : "Christmas", Low's Christmas album (!!!) is a rather good surprise.