BiP - HOp Generation

Here is certainly one of the most beautiful compilations of electronica appeared for a long time. The Bip - Hop set is born of the will to distribute the digital sounds of contemporary electronic artists , under the release of a compilation every three months. It here is the volume 1, containing the sublime pop electronic minimalists drifts of Marumari, a fabulous track of Schneider TM, dull, dark and experimental, the elegant techno minimalists interventions of Massimo, finely strident, all in sharpness, a superb track of Goem, pure and bewitching, the talented Ultra Milkmaids with an  beautiful experimental composition, and finally Phonem with the two rhythmic tracks out of the whole record. What else to say afetr listening to this small masterpiece, marvelousvisiting-card of a music in full evolution, which creative limits don't have been reached yet. One doesn't get tired of these electronic manipulations, of these bleep, blup, beep, and other various scratchs, gracefully collected, swarming of one thousand and one hallucinating sound details, which resourcefulness seems infinite. The most important remains that this compilation will seduce all amateurs of electronic music, as well as all those who didn't like it until there, so much the quality of the pieces proposed is convincing. You'll be wondering why you didn't listen to all this stuff earlier. I can't wait until the volume 2 will be released, three months will never have appeared as faraway......

Indispensable !!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

Label : Bip-Hop
BP 64,
13192 Marseille Cedex 20

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