The Flying Luttenbachers


At the beginning of the year the Americans of the Flying Luttenbachers gave a set of furious concerts in Chicago. Alptraum " is their 8th album, constituted of excerpts of this tour of the clubs. Although having an ear exercised to the jazz sounds, I must sometimes confess some pain with
some sounds of the free jazz. But this album has got a rare intrinsic wild strength. Certainly listening to this album can be laborious on the length, but the music of these masters of the improvisation conceals innumerable rhythmic and convulsive qualities. A layman will find there
only infamous noise jumble, too bad for him, because we have to notice the incomparable power of these talented musicians of free jazz whose punk mind is evident in all its original strength. The sounds voluntarily agitated , free and without attachment. The violence is not vain, it wins itself in sweat and blood, and that's where is located the music of the Flying Luttenbachers, filled of human energy.
The battery only offers itself very rarely a short respite, the saxophone explodes of scattered notes, the cello flames, the bass tears itself, and all look for to continue without joining themselves ever. And then we're very surprised to notice that we appreciate these painful sounds. If the first two tracks are difficult of access, the continuation offers itself all in squeaky, marvelously experimental and scratch restraint, as the excellent and great " Deathlike Coincidences ".
An joyful experience.

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

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