Whispering Hills

Night on Earth (Hyperdelic remix) 1 track, 11 minutes

Whispering Hills, an American combo of north Carolina (USA) - have a look at the chronicle of their album - had fun in remixing a lo-fi track of a group that I am not aware of, Grasty. listening to it, one imagines the band evolving in the same deep waters that Will Oldham or Smog. And the result is more that surprising, or even completely hovering. Fine crystalline guitar keys wrap themselves and embrace themselves on a shooting rhythm, the voice makes itself discreet, the ambiance is morose and in the same time psychedelic. In short, the perfect result of the meeting of an ambient project  with the nonchalant guitars of the American lo-fi.


Stéphane Fivaz
Juin 2000
cd single rearranged, mixed and mastered at THE LIGHTHOUSE July 1999
1999, Ultrafade / the Golden Autumn Music

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