Whispering Hills

"Lonely Empty Architecture"

What a beautiful discovery ! Whispering Hills is the project of Jon D. Allen, an American artist based in Charlotte, who also runs the stucture Golden Autumn Music, on which was released " Lonely Empty Architecture ". Jon D. Allen is as member of another band, Uterus Lobster, reviewed in our pages, an ambient experimental band. And following the arrival to Charlotte of a friend of Jon, they formed Drunk Hermaphrodite. And here are united the three present signatures of Golden Autumn Music. The label essentially works with the CDR support, equal in quality with the level of the sound to all other CDs, but relatively cheaper to produce. But come back to the essential, music,: this disk is a pure jewel of musical eclecticism within the vast industrial ambient family . Not only one recover the best of the sounds we expect from ambient artists (ldeep and stretched  sounds, samples, loops, sampled voices ..) but each track is at a time infernally melodic, without repeating itself ever. The impression of listening to a compilation is not fortuitous. The ambiance remains rather industrial on most pieces, while trying to escape itself of it,  to reach free territories , but the roots remain deep in the heart. In short, a magnificent electronic record impregnated of the best of ritual industrial ambient music, of which your turntables won't get tired.

Stéphane Fivaz
June 2000

Contact et commande :

Jon D. Allen
Golden Autumn Music
P.O. Box 10354
Charlotte, NC 28212
(704) 366-3868
e-mail : gautumn@msn.com