Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen

A quite unlikely gang of scooter-riding and menacing tribal masks-wearing bikers pops out from the sleeve of this 7" EP, making it more likely to contain the soundtrack of an old 60s' bikers-movie by Roger Corman, rather
than being an interesting and precious document of one of today's most cunning, original and uncompromising musical scenes. Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen, where the brutes dwell, and it seems the place is Vienna, as the four barbarians unleashed who performs on this small piece of vinyl are amongst the greatest exponents of the musical intelligentia of the Austrian capital.
Veteran Allerseelen opens dances with a slow and rather atmospheric track, a bit different from his usual cold and anxious industrial landscapes. The song is melodic and enjoyable, but it remains traditionally dark and
hostile. Allgrena, I guess a new project I know nothing about, follows with an odd rumoristic track which reminds me of the best works by bands such as Nurse With Wound, Organum and H.N.A.S. On the back side, Der Blutharsch explodes with an heavy and powerful electronic hymn and an howling voice, which seem to come directly from the hereafter.
Novy Svet closes the curtain with an ironic and baroque song, where wind instruments alternate to his whispering and spectral voice. I get the impression that all the four artists got the chance on this common project to try different musical solutions and show a bit more of their acid irony, which has always distinguished their works. "Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen" is definitively a great piece of work, very suitable to come closer to this intriguing European musical scene, if you haven't dealt with it yet.

Simoneh Ragnar Redbeard
June 2000


Informations : wkn@aon.at