The Dawn Visitors

The Dawn

Although it has been released during the year 1998, this album came to us during this spring, and the shift won't be so important, so much the music that it contains is anchored in the 80's. The twelve tracks of " the Dawn " have been composed by Roxane, the creative soul of this Belgian group, that could well be conceived in a solo project. Roxane has been part of the Gothic group De Volanges for five years, without having succeeded in concretizing their resonant furies in an album, certainly for lack of interest and curiosity of the labels.
The experience of De Volanges is now gone, so she decided to fly independently, giving to compositions created a long time ago as well as to new ones a new chance : The Dawn Visitors were born.
Listening to these charming and nostalgic songs, we feel a curious and pleasant impression, as being fifteen years ago, when Siouxsie & the Banshees and X - Mal Deutschland haunted our turntables. And the comparison with these two groups is not that fortuitous, so much the voice of Roxane comes closer of the one of Siouxsie, as well as the music, being a lot more electronic though. Some tracks recall Faith and the Muse (Drops forget Steel) as well as the most beautiful hours of the new (cold) wave, period Clan of Xymox (She's in tears; The Moon; The Yellow Rope). Very pleasant to listen to, with tenacious melodies for the ones who liked this period of the eighties. A second album is already ready (with a cover of the " the Calling " of DIJ), and they're looking for a  label or a distributor. Let's hope that they will have the audacity to innovate their sound on this new opus, like Siouxsie did with the Creatures.

Stéphane Fivaz
June 2000

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