Velma is a Roman Swiss trio that I particularly appreciate. This is their second album and represents the European reissue; the original having been released on the American label Emperor Norton more than a year ago. Thus, we gain an extra track “Vitamine” remixed by the Swiss electronic artist Patrick de Rham. And, as always, the same ingenuity, hypnotic and repetitive, serving music combining perfectly guitar, percussion and electronic technology. Every rhythm, mischievously looped, cycles endlessly, flirting untiringly with improbable sparse samples wriggling its way through a mesh of crystal-clear guitar. Neither rock nor electronica, Velma does not choose, and it is no doubt there that lies their originality and talent. Minimalist and perfectionist, experimental and classic, their music deconstructs the futile (trivial) connections between instruments and machines, rendering the tracks highly visual. It is no coincidence if their concerts are accompanied by video, theatrical or dance performances. The songs reveal their delicate structure, a vain mix of chiselled guitars and electronic extravagancies, accompanied by thin and repetitive voice, repeating endlessly the same words, like a looped instrument facing various untimely samples. This album is simply a marvel of post rock electronica, confirming Velma, like the Young Gods, as a revealer of their time. 



Stéphane Fivaz

November 2000

Translation Ian C.



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