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Matt Howden is now better known by a larger public because of his function of producer and violinist within Sol Invictus, a band to which he brought a lot concerning the sound evolutions and conceptual works. His first solo album, Intimate & Obstinate, possessed the aerial grace suspended to the thread of life, subtle and intoxicating. Once this masterpiece achieved, his second album goes radically into different orientations to flirt more overtly with the warm ambiances of his common project with his wife Jane, and Sally Doherty : Sieben."Hellfires" is composed in three
categories, first "Amenti - the Hall Truth" in which Anubis, the god assigned to drive the souls, take you to follow your funeral destiny, secondly "Hades", where the good, the bad and the dead continue to coexist, and finally "Hell one Earth", the hell that can put between the human beings. Once we're aware of these explanations, we can be interested in the essential : music. Matt sings  on almost all tracks, with a rather pleasant and harsh voice, being an echo to the heavy and abyssal bass, to the furious and charming violin, and mainly to the martial and tribal percussions, wrapped and indomitable, that dominate the album. The compositions are rather dark, distant enough of Sol Invictus, even though here and there one recovers some reminiscences. After the eternal grace of Intimate & Obstinate, Matt Howden plays with the fires of hell, for a powerful and ferociously endearing journey. A very beautiful album, drawing as much in the indies and folk roots, renewing with a melodic and harmonious glory that often disappeared from England these last years. Matt Howden's talent gets bigger and bigger, and he ends up equaling his masters, and he even surpasses them ...

Highly recommended!!

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label : Redroom records

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