Bryn Jones renews here with the electronic sounds of his beginnings, without giving up the dub orientations, started some time ago. Music makes itself harder, rawer, infiltrated with various sounds multitude taken at random from different f.m radio stations, or elsewhere. The central theme remains, surely, the Orient and there is a special mention to bring to the sleeve. Normally the digipack should have been covered with Indian cloth, but a technical problem in the confection prevented the project. The final result is yet more that convincing, raising the Hindu imagery of an elephant under the shape of transparent filigree on the decor of an oasis. The album is dedicated to the inhabitants of Baghdad, in compassion with the sad life that gives them the military dictatorship. Bryn offers us a new vision of his indefectible interest to the Islamic world, without ever falling in the boring trap of the world music, while preserving his industrial roots. A superb album, being an excellent visiting-card for whoever wants to get initiatedwitht the Moslem universe of
Muslimgauze, and a confirmation of the talent of Bryn for the fans.

Excellent !

Stéphane Fivaz
Juillet 2000

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