Mimetic Mute


Mimetic Mute is the solo project of Jérôme Soudan, better known as drummer and percussionist of the superb French band Von Magnet and Column One. At the beginning he wanted to release a double album, and as two labels contacted it at the same period for the release of an album each, this is how " Positive " is appeared on Moloko+ and " Negative " on Prikosnovénie.Both of them are of electronic obedience, dark, electric and atmospheric. Jérôme Soudan has a long musical past, having collaborated as much to the contemporary music development (GRM) that to the composition of dance music for the Dutch dance company NDTII. After having written a thesis on the industrial music at the university of Lyon in 1993, he contributed to the diffusion of this music in organizing some festivals in France and in creating a vast network of musicians in Europe, from Paris to Berlin, where he lives today. "Positive" is a mixture of electronic manipulations , with various samples, orchestrated with different film samplings (Nébuleux) sounding like industrial lullabies (Open Me), tinted of lunar techno (Filter You, Cocksure). The disturbing " Positive " that gives its name to the album, possess some reminiscences of Von Magnet.There's even a long ambient track , the majestic " Deutlich ". Like in all his collaborations, Jérôme Soudan is touched  by the grace for a real success.
A very beautiful album from one of the most active representatives of the European industrial scene.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label :
Moloko +
e-mail : ralf_friel@ferrostaal.com

Distribution :
e-mail : info@target-export.com

Contact :
e-mail : mimetic1@aol.com

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