Hans Tutschku


Hans Tutschku began to study the piano when he was very young, and then started to study the electro-acoustical compositions in Dresden and in Den Hague. He gave several concerts with his group Intuitive Musik Weimar and taught in various universities, in Sao Paulo, Singapore,
or Budapest. He currently teaches in the IRCAM. His works are like a real and various approach of acoustic sounds. An uncompromising and intelligent work, where each sonority is submitted to discussion. The source of the soundscomes from the street, the churches, the cities …etc. An important work on the speech is done, while taking several successive verses of a poem, reinforcing its intrinsic sense, ornamented of characteristic sounds (Errinerung). Each sample constitutes the basis of an important work on the sounds, which appears magnified, once structured. The importance of the human voice and percussions gets higher on " Die Zerschlagene Stimme ", in which each of the two elements superimposes themselves to form a whole. " Sieben Stufen " takes a poem of Georg Trakl, "Verfall", recorded in two languages and structured on the construction and the destruction of the text, by superimposed layers.
An excellent work for whoever takes the time and the resolution to invest mentally in an intense work on the common sounds surrounding us. You won't listen to all of these sounds the same way again ….
An intelligent and recommended album in the domain of electro-acoustical music.

Stéphane Fivaz
September 2000

Label : Empreintes DIGITALes (IMED 9947)

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