Purifying Fire

" Purifying Fire " consists in a collection of rare and unpublished tracks, which appeared on scattered compilations, recorded between 1995 and 1998. One recovers with happiness the disturbing darkness of these bravery pieces, for the happy possessors of the aforesaid compilations, and for the other the discovery gets even more interesting. The gloomy storm of " Strange Attractor " appeared on a 12 '' on Plug Research. The autumnal sweets of " Deep Calls to Deep " was first released on the very beautiful DeepNet compilation fromf the label Side Effects, and its remix " Deep Calls to Dub " on Cold Spring. " Black Star " consists of samples extracted from the albums "Heresy"  and "the Place where the Black Stars Hang", rearranged and completely reworked. The magnificent track " Permafrost", superb jewel orchestrated with celestial cellos, is taken from a compilation released on Side Effects " Vuhternas/Archetyp ". Finally " Of Fire & Ice " of is an unreleased track recomposed on the basis of a piece which appeared on a compilation of the label Dry Lungs, fiendishly dark-ambient.
This record proves a very beautiful initiative, considering the difficulty to possess all these recordings. Brilliant, as usual, like the whole discography of Brian Lustmord.

Highly recommended !!!

Stéphane Fivaz
October 2000

Label : Soleilmoon Recordings (Sol 98 CD)

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