Nocturnal Emissions / Origami Artika

Mort Aux Vaches

The set Mort Aux Vaches of the Dutch label Staalplaat reflects as usualo the constant of a high quality. It is also necessary to say that the artists invited to these sessions are part of the best ones of the actual experimental music scene. Origami Artika, the project of the Norwegian artist
Benny, present us a track of more than 37 minutes, starting smoothly, in which ambient passage  alternate with more experimental moments. Sustained rhythms, an aerial battery, noise industrial  structures, helped with some mad drum'n'bass, to finally end in ambient sounds. Nocturnal Emissions also propose in the same way a long track, alternating ambient of vanguard, noise music  and crazy industrial sounds, to electro - drum&bass passages to which are added
some narrations on resonant soundscapes recalling Chris & Cosey's beginnings.  An album  that will undoubtedly delight all fans of Nocturnal Emissions, and that deserves a particular attention. A superb realization that in spite of its length, prove to be paradoxically too short ... Do not forget to have a special look at the exclusive originality of the sleeve, in spiral.

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

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