Verano del 99 - an Elefant compilation

Elefant Records are to the Iberian pop what Sarah Record represented for the English pop, somef sweetness in  a ruffian's world, as heard elsewhere. This compilation doesn't shine by its constant quality, regarding to the artists of the label presented here. A good half of them are easily forgettable (The Pequena Suiza, Patrullero Mancuso, Vacaciones….), while the other part confirms all the good things we already thought about them. In the second half we find the excellent Le Mans, close to the mischievous arpeggios of Belle and Sebastian. Not to forget the great band Spring (in a way the Spanish Cranes), Juniper Moon (close to Wedding Present) or Cecilia Ann (here with a piece recalling Joy Division , but distinctly more electronic ). other formations with a distinctly more synthetic obedience manage it relatively well, without exacerbating themselves in the spasms of the most transcendent originality though (Jackson, HD Substance, Gasca, Anti). An interesting compilation for anyone who wants to have an idea of the musical criterias of Elefant Record , even if this is far from being their best production.

Stéphane Fivaz
Juin 2000

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