Fallen Gods + Cidar

" Fallen Gods " is a reissue of a long awaited album that was out of print during a certain period. And it is a godsend! And on the original version was the possibility to cut the sleeve, to send it to the group with a DAT cassette, and so to receive another album "Cidar", only available on this format. And now this record comes with " Fallen Gods ", for our great pleasure. Robin Storey, alias Rapoon, excel in the ethno - tribal music creation with an industrial dimension. His compositions are based on recordings of Asian and African instruments from his personal collection, such as tam-tams, old flutes, harps. These recordings are then sampled, looped and manipulated for a fantastic result. It remains a timeless, tribal and ethnic, ritual, atmospheric and ambient music, based on industrial influences, like Bryn Jones's music, or sometimes close to the works of O Yuki Conjugate or Temps Perdu?. The rhythms collide, last and die, then sometimes some rougher sounds appear, rawer as on " Breathing Gold ", or more aerial (Valley). One even finds some tracks with strong oriental influences (Khomal, Dusk Red Walls). Music rises in the air, unreal and cosmopolitan, such a journey around the world, guided by ancestral rhythms orchestrated in infernal loops. Cidar " sounds a lot darker and tortured, with a more industrial and dark-ambient orchestration  (Refraction, Estuary) and sometimes symphonic and relaxing (Noord, Lake) to savor the artist's celestial duality and his incredible talent, blessed by the snake Ourobouros.
Highly recommended !!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
October 2000

Label : Staalplaat (STCD 094)

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