Critical State

Kill, Kill, Kill + Tightrope Walker on Borderline'

Here is a name of which one will talk about soon in the most aware musical circles. Critical State is the electro industrial project of Stéphane Laurrain, a musician from Dijon who has been singer within the deathmetal band Witchcraft. The idea of creating his own project came to his mind when he had to compose the jingles and other background sounds for a radio broadcast , and the result was no more no less than the sumptuous album " Tightrope Walker one Borderline', that gave birth to Critical State: 11 pieces of fine electronic industrial music, brilliantly orchestrated. The violence of the pieces is latent, all in restraint, lend to explode, always to the limit. A certain "dub" atmosphere sometimes comes out again (One the Blink). One could reproach a certain linearity in the construction of each track, yet, taken separately, each one has incredible qualities.

The last release of Critical State materializes under the shape of the superb ep Kill Kill Kill. Some long instrumental, heavy and oppressing complaints, with leaded rhythms. The musical progression is there flagrant, as well as the level of the orchestration and the compositions. The ambiance is a lot more industrial and dark that on the previous album, the references begin to point, like these reminiscences to Blink Twice, or even to the ghost of the Swans surging out of the worrying and masterly " Dancing with a shade of you ", with furious guitars. The use of loops amplifies the intrinsic beauty of each track, and confers them this radically out - norm aspect .

Greatly advisable ! Order your copy quickly….

Stéphane Fivaz
May 2000

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