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Reaping Horde

I discovered a small Portuguese label a few weeks ago, Reaping Horde, from which I never even suspected the existence. Patience is the mother of all vertues. J.A., his founder, created the Wolfskin project six years ago. A cassette appeared on the structure Forgotten Blood,
three years ago, and then he decided to start his own label in order to distribute his own musical projects and those of his friends. Reaping Horde was born. Originally the main influence of the label is connected to the artistic creation, mainly musically, a direct relation with our former European traditions, our deep roots, in order to promote musicians transcended by this mystical and pagan recognition.
The cassette that allowed me to discover these magnificences Portuguese conceals pure marvels, with tracks of each band on the label, just to get an idea about their musical directions. And what I heard is amazing ...
The first R.H. release was the first album of Wolfskin, alias J.A., a solo project of ritual, dark-ambient and industrial music. Then  came the album of Karnnos, a dark-folk ritual band with J.A  as well as the only member of Ereshkigal, a dark-ambient ritual project , also on Reaping Horde. One also finds Once A Barge, a German synthetic dark-folk group, as well as The Joy of Nature and Discipline (dark-folk), Nerthiagh (industrial ritual, ambient), Oktober Black (dark-folk) and Revanor (industrial ambient). What a fantastic catalogue, from which you will have more news in the chronicles section of the month of November. To  be followed…

"Among the ruins of decay, there we stand, now and still..."

Stéphane Fivaz
October 2000

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