Campos de Matança
Wolfskin is the solo-project of Johan A., the founder of the Reaping Horde label. And, as usual, the cover is presented in the purest style of the label. Amazing!! The record is wrapped in a protection made off a thick layer of entwined larch needles glued to a dark red compact and fleecy material, rough and gnarled. I have never seen such craft for an album cover, it has to be seen to be believed. Wolfskin is essentially an ambient ritual formation with a strong industrial connotation. J.A.’s major inspiration can be found in the quest for our ancient roots, the discovery of our ancestral European traditions, in order to revive them through (the) music and thus ensure their perennity. “Campos de Matança” is divinely influenced by the Celtic rituals of fertilisation as well as by the cycles of Nature, the universal creator. Although the first title is similar to the tense atmospheres of Blood Axis, with a background of martial drumming and cavernous voices, Wolfskin’s music reveals itself more by it’s inherent pain, with heavy instrumental tracks, dark and mystic, solid as stone, buried in an impressive magma of sound, a crafty superposition of various loops and unrecognisable saturated wagnerian orchestrations. One can find disseminated randomly amongst the compositions, recordings of contemporary celebrations of these pagan ceremonies, such as the throwing of ashes, during Carnival, or the slaughter of pigs in winter. The characteristic sounds of these rituals, such as chiming bells or pig squeals during the great slaughter, are thus strung throughout the eight tracks of this album. The fierce industrial sounds are punctuated by whispered and murmured speeches, that considerably enhance the ambient sentiment of unease, to which are added many various samples, such as a military march or excerpts drawn from traditional music. The whole is dedicated to forgotten or living civilisations, celebrating in this fashion the rituals of the cycle of existence, strongly linked to the past, aware that under each field and meadow hides the blood of forgotten wars. The inherent power of “Campos de Matança” reflects its entire conditioning dedicated to Nature, animated by the sap of the Yggdrasill tree, source of life.

A superb album that can be acquired eyes shut.

Very strongly recommended


Stéphane Fivaz

November 2000

Translation Ian C.


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