Bexar Bexar


What a marvellous record ! Sometimes what looks like a small thing generates big surprises. Bexar Bexar is a Texan collective, presenting their first release under shape of a 12 '' containing only one face and one track. A superb minimalist piece ornamented of sounds taken here and there in the street or elsewhere, with some repetitiv notes of guitar and various scratchs and scritchs. And where others would have done a boring piece, Bexar Bexar manages it marvellously, distilling a pure nectar on a beautiful experimental music. A very beautiful piece that savors itself on the length. A 10 '' and an album are already announced , don't miss them ...

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

Label : Elevato Bath
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Distribution :
Worldwide : Staalplaat
USA : Dutch-East India Trading, Elevator Bath, RRRecords
Belgium : K-RAA-K 3
Netherlands : Staalplaat
Austria : Mego/M.Dos
Australia : Synaesthesia