David Knight, besides his dark-ambient project Arkkon, is also a member of the fabulous Shock Headed Peters, the band of the bearded Karl Blake, a fantastic artist, as talented as hairy, and is known for his works with Danielle Dax, Marisa Carnesky and Michael Avatar (two performance artists ), or Lydia Lunch.And here he collaborates again with her on his last album Rotunda, using a text of Lydia Lunch " Crime Against Nature ", that she recites. It's also a pleasure to hear again the cello of Sarah Bradshaw, who appeared on several Sol Invictus albums.
This album is a pure jewel of dark-ambient music, having an outstanding sound quality and musical diversity, allying the analogical coldness of electronics to the magic and sorcerer sounds of the cello. The ambiances are dark and luminous, powerful and delicate, creating an universe in osmosis with its dualities. The tracks are all very different and don't sound alike, perfectly orchestrated , allying the mystical impetus to the messed up flavors of a war instinct.
A masterpiece, nothing less. .

Indispensable !

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label : Soleimoon Recordings (Sol 95 CD)

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