Collapse Festival

Last August 18th and 19th had place the festival of industrial music "Collapse" in Rostock, in Germany, with different European formations. This album wishes to be a testimony of these two evenings, with a representative track of each group, a way to remember these two nights in a way. MZ.412 Folkstorm vs and Predominance propose each lan industrial noise track with some lack of inspiration. I prefer Ex - Order, in an identical vein, but with a real sound research, creating a dull and worrying climate . Nocturnal didn't let me an exceptional impression, with a rather banal track with an opportunist name (6.VI.1944) very underhand of the sensible praises here and there. On the other hand Heid sounds much better, with an excellent dark ambient piece swarming of various soundscapes. My favorites are  Ultra United, and their superb track " the Quiet Riot ", very soft and relaxing atmospheric ambient music, with a remarkable orchestration. And last but not least, our protégés Axon Neuron / Vagwa who ofer us a beautiful " Thorned Message V ", logical continuation to their superb last realization " Thorned Messages ", filled with very interesting sound manipulations succeeding on a dark industrial ambient music of a vrey high degree.
Very interesting, in any case for half of the recordů

Stéphane Fivaz
September 2000

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Ars macabre

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