Current 93

All Dolled up like Christ

In 1996 Current 93 gave two brilliant concerts in New York at the Orensanz Foundation on the 31st of October and the first of November, for Halloween. During these two nights Current 93 consisted of David Tibet, Michael Cashmore, Rose Mc Dowall, Karl Blake, Joolie Wood, Sam Mannox-Wood et Aoife E.D. Gibson. These are the integral recordings of the two shows, taken from the mixing desk.

The CD 1 starts with this majestic and repetitive track taken from "Where the long shadows fall", followed by the introduction of the band through a soft child's mouth and the CD 2 has a track listing a little bit different from the first one. Anyone who knows the important discography of Current 93 will have the extraordinary pleasure to listen one more time to the classics of "Thunder Perfect Mind" and "All the Pretty Little Horses" as well as to most of the famous songs from the previous albums. The sound quality is of a high degree as is the interpretation of each song, which puts this double-album as a sublime masterwork following the two fantastic (but cruelly short) already existing live albums, Hitler as Kalki and As the World Disappears. I can't recommend you this record enough.
Essential !

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