Maeror Tri / Crawl Unit

Split 7'' Forazeihan / Broken Books and Wings

Maeror Tri stopped their activity in 1996 and since then the reissues as well as the releases of their unpublished material have been regularly produced, without raising the veil ever on the identity of the last official realization of Maeror Tri. They've been pathfinders and represent proudly the industrial ambient movement based on the use of drones allied to the use of guitars, concocting an exemplary and magnificent discography. Becomed with time mythical, the members of Maeror Tri dedicate today their energy  to their project Troum as well as to their label Drone Records. This magnificent 7 '' presents Maeror Tri to their best, with a typical composition of the use of a guitar drone and a wall of sounds, framed of deafening machinery emerging such a metallurgic rhythmic, very cerebral and maybe more biting and heavy that usual, with the emergence of a voice off here and there, as last recognizable tie with the human beings. The result is magnificent and disconcerting. Maeror Tri is on one side and on the other side of the vinyl is Crawl Unit, a group with a big experience in industrial ambient music , sometimes compared to NWW, Lustmords or the first SPK. The noise elements are pacified in some way and the track stretches toward ambient drones climates, for a smoother result that Maeror Tri, but not less splendid. Each face is recognizable by the logo of the
group, in black and white. A exemplary soberness worth of interest. This split reveals great intrinsic qualities that make this record a must.

Superb !!

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
September 2000

Label : Disaster Area (DA007)

Distributors :

Allemagne : Drone Records (
Hollande : Staalplaat (
Belgique : k-raa-k (
USA : Soleilmoon (