Low offers, as a Christmas present, a confidential album, which came out on the sly, with eight tracks close to the happy-go-lucky Christmas atmosphere, but with their own feeling. They released last year a single for Christmas, from which two songs appear in that album. We find also two Christmas songs covers, Little Drummer Boy, maybe the weakest track of the album, what a surprise…, and Silent Night, which appears here minimalist and very elegant, far from the irritating original version. But the whole strength of the album comes from the original tracks of Low : five great tracks calling to mind the sublime surrealism of the end of the year, waving between obligingness and grandiloquence. But in Low's house, the Christmas turkey is always skinny and that's why we like them. This is an excellent Christmas album, which is very rare so it's worth being mentioned.

Low, PO Box 600, Duluth, MN, 55801 USA

A Chair Kickers Union release in conjunction with Tugboat Records.