Behind the name of Pimmon hides the Australian Paul Gough , creator since numerous years of analogical sounds. He already released several albums on labels such as Meme or ERS. His technique consists in creating and collecting a multitude of sounds on his computer, based on jangles, of grindings, of sparks, ...etc, and uniting them to make a fully-fledged resonant matter out of it. The approach is original, managing to produce a very interesting resonant quality. One can situate it in the lineage of the contemporary artists of sound art, of electro acoustics, with a strong experimental tendency , such as Alexander St. - Onge, John Duncan, Philip Jeck or Rolf Julius. An impressive quantity of small drones, of crunches, of tinkles, of squeaks, mixed together, producing an incontestable resonant wealth. For whoever is interested in the treatment of the sounds on computer. To discover!

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label : K-RAA-K Records
web : http://www.kraak.net

Distribution :
Namskeio records
P.O. Box 409, 1000 Lausanne 9, Switzerland
Phone : +41 (0)21 / 808 52 12
e-mail : Namskeio@namskeio.com
web site : http://www.namskeio.com