Kid 606

The Soccergirl ep

Here is a record of which I don't know anything, but the few of information read on the sleeve, that presents itself under the shape of a soccer land. The distrust is appropriate facing a presentation as sly, but after listening to this ep, I had to realise, which was a big surprise,  that this mini album is great. Entirely electronic, the brilliantly orchestrated melodies tangle and untangle themselves artfully, crystalline and soft.
A discreet rhythm operates intelligently through an interlacing of beaded resonant drops. The bass make themselves discreet and deaf,a right counterweight to the delicate flicker of the minimalist melodies . An excellent electro ambient discover, which only defect is to be too short. I'm waiting for more...


Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label : Carpark
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Namskeio records
P.O. Box 409, 1000 Lausanne 9, Switzerland
Phone : +41 (0)21 / 808 52 12
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