Operation Valkrie

The bygone pagan feast of Ostara is the nowadays christianised feast of Easter, which kept its reference to the goddess Eostre (dawn and Spring divinity), especially in the northern countries (Easter in English, Oster in german).

And this is the name Richard Leviathan and Thimothy Jenn (ex-Strength Through Joy) choose for their new project. "Operation Valkrie" is a one-track single, also appearing in their full-length album "Secret Homeland" which will be released on the 23rd of February. A beautiful neo-folk song looking towards Europe's grandeur. It starts with a furious sampled speech "You miserable, uneducated half-men. You're not at all what we fought for..." followed by german lyrics, contrasting with the acoustic guitar and evaporated keyboards. This work celebrates death and rebirth, blood and struggles, tragedy and strength of Europe's roots as well as its undoubted beauty. It might remind you of "The Force of Truth and Lies". Anyone who appreciated STJ should enjoy Ostara's innovative sounds rousing our Occidental soul. Highly recommended.

E-mail : osterraed@netscape.net

Web : http://sites.netscape.net/osterraed/ostara

Available via World Serpent Distribution.