Nobody sees the monster in the light of day…

Magnificent! How should I qualify this superb album with a different word. Delphium now has been existing since 7 years and released a myriad of various records on different labels, all haunted by a dark and atmospheric music, full of nostalgic melancholy.
Yet the ambiances and the influences are different on each track, evolving slyly, widening the palette of our eclectic musical tastes thus. However the leads are still these long and atmospheric pieces of music , evanescent and depressive loops on furious rythms. Some tracks get close to drum & bass tendencies  (Emperor, Take me Home) or look deeply into the Coil ambiances (Fluffy Alien, Song Heart). I always wondered, what could sound the music of Kevin Shields today if My
Bloody Valentine had to reappear and I had the answer on the excellent " Tangle Foot ". The recording of the tracks is gradual on one period of five years and yet nothing let show such a lapse of time, so much the homogeneity of the compositions is intact. Rarely an album impressed me as much at the first listening, and I know pertinently that these angelic or diabolic sounds, according to the mood, won't age. The blackness of Coil, the majesty of Lustmord and especially a very present, living and nearly pop sound. The musical integrity of Delphium is intact and radiant, an emotional, dark and lunar album. One of those we'll still listen to when we'll be old …

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

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Moloko +
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