Your Mines in Kabul

What a superb sleeve ! Staalplaat overworked all over again to offer a magnificent realization of Bryn Jones, always in the same musical style generated since 1998, very influenced by the dub and ragga rhythms, mingling the ethnic sounds to the more industrial distortions. This generosity has nolimit as there are 3 CDs, accompanied by a remarkable work to the level of the artistic conception of the packing and photographs, on a hardback and slightly rough paper. The first CD contains ethnic soundson based on dub and ragga rhythms, while the second one, a lot more interesting, reinforces the work of sound manipulations that Bryn uses, making the music a lot more attractive and varied. The third CD constitutes some kind of a gift, being an extended version of the Lahore track appeared years ago on the "Lahore & Marseille" ep, which is no more available today. The specific sound of Bryn Jones enlarges more and more year after year, widening the impressive palette of this bulimic artist, allying with genius and good taste his pure convictions, for an unequaled result which seems .. unfailing.
Magnificent! A must for all fans of Muslimgauze.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
October 2000

Label : Muslimlim (026)
            3 CD set, limited to 700 copies

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