Reaping Horde Compilation

The Nemeth

You have never seen a label that pays so much attention to a record cover. And if I talk of covers I should really say packaging. Striking! Every Reaping Horde production is hand assembled with material relating to the work in question. For this compilation, the record is buried in a hardback leather sleeve, hand painted, closed by leather thongs and wrapped in real oak leaves and pine needles. The details of the presented artists are in filigree on transparent paper. This compilation regroups all the projects on the label, each presenting two original tracks, and is for some their first appearance on CD. This record is simply marvellous and enables one to get an overall view of Reaping Horde, and it makes one realise all the time lost by not having discovered these fantastic bands earlier. Apart from Once A Barge who come from Germany, they all hail from Portugal. The record begins with Oktober Black, who present two magnificent dark folk instrumentals, heroic and proud, dark and warm. Then comes Wolfskin, with a dark and menacing music, ultra dark ambient ritual, similar to certain passages from Lustmord, intensely industrial. Then come Ereshkigal, with a first track that reminds one of the darkest tones and atmospheres of early Coil, very atmospheric, and a more ambient industrial second track. Once A Barge offer a new wave nostalgia filled dark folk, enhanced by melancholy ridden keyboards. Karnnos, in all modesty, demonstrate convincingly that they have their place amongst the more beautiful and upright current dark folk projects, a revelation! The Joy of Nature and Discipline play in the same vein, as much martial as melodic. It ends with Nerthiagh, a superb dark ambient industrial formation, dark and neurotic.
The discovery of this label was a revelation to me. Apart from the main labels that everyone knows, such as World Serpent, Eis & Licht, Tesco, there are only a few small structures to offer an interesting catalogue, apart from Italy with the marvels from Oktagön, Musica Maxima Magnetica, Old Europa Café and many others, or France with La Cadera and Cauldron. If Reaping Horde distinguishes itself by its originality, it is undoubtedly due to a salutary and favourable remoteness, far from the significant and inevitable influences to be found in Germany, England, Scandinavia or in France. Portugal distinguishes itself here in good fashion, its gaze fixed forward, towards other horizons, with a master hand.

Reaping Horde is on the brink of becoming a big name of the neofolk industrial movement, be it said.

Admirable, strongly recommended!!!!!


Stéphane Fivaz

November 2000

Translation Ian C.


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