Supermarket (another electrodinamic elefant compilation)

Sarah Records is dead, long life to Elefant! No one can deny the importance that Sarah Record had within the English pop music, wether one appreciates or not this music. Sarah represented a sound and a recognizable spirit at the first listening, with  the prestigious Field Mice, or
 the Orchids, the Sweetest Ache, Another Sunny Day, Heavenly and  Even As We Speak. And the same phenomenon happens today in Spain with Elefant Records, Iberian pioneer of the pop of English obedience. And this Supermarket " compilation " certainly represents
 one of their best visiting-card for a long time. The excellent Le Mans opens the dance with a superb melancholic track. A pity that this band stopped their activity lately. Their new project names itself Ibon Errazkin. Telefilme is close to the paths borrowed by Depeche Mode and New Order. Springs, the Spanish Cranes, offer two tracks, cool and spontaneous, shooting and tenacious. The 22 tracks of this album are of equal quality and don't have to blush facing their nglish colleagues. Elefant becomes more and more international, signing more and more foreign groups, as the French Loons, the English band Salako, from Jeepster, the label of Belle and Sebastian, the Japanese band Photo Jenny, the Americans of Ladybug Transistor, the English of Union Wireless , as well as the Trembling Blue Stars, ex Northern Picture Library and… ex Field Mice, the buckle is curled. Elefant is certainly one of the most beautiful references concerning pop today and its catalog  is getting bigger and bigger with a growing quality. The approach of new kinds (post - rock, Krautrock, electronica…) and their strong vocation in a very pop orientation of high quality honors them. The international recognition of  Elefant Record is now well known and this compilation constitutes an excellent visiting-card to discover this charming universe. We're eagerly waiting for the next one, as  the number of new artists that the house counts is impressive.

Stéphane Fivaz
June 2000

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