El Frustrator

El Frustrator is the second release of the label Skipp, which belongs to the French band Dat Politics, and Aelters is in fact the solo project of one of the members of the group. One remains in digital music, entirely conceived on a computer, close to the sound art, filled of various resonant experimentations. Every daily sound becomes an instrument, and is digitally reworked, sampled, manipulated, collected. The few melodies are falsely naive, producing a difficult listening, made of various sounds following each other without real connection. Some tracks sound better indeed, as they more innovative, such as Mototuk, Elviskini, Soap or Ipsygypsy, otherwise it is necessary to be indeed accustomed to these structures that one would tend to recover in an old badly lubricated machinery. Interesting in the gait, but difficult of access.

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

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