Tetsuo Furudate

(x).x is a man or x is mortal

Here is an album that can only be heard intensively, so much the  power it contains is impressive, and I can't imagine what would give the experience on a stage. Tetsuo Furudate is known for his furious and irritated experimental music , he also collaborated with Zbigniew Karkowski on the album "World as Will".
"(x).x is a man or x is mortal" only includes three tracks for a length of more than fifty minutes. And in this time the declines of the apocalypse are fully related. A myriad of insane sound, punctuated of exploding and metallic percussions, so powerful that Einstürzende Neubauten must be jealous, from which appear lots of samples influenced by industrial avant-gardist music. Then the silence appears strangely, ready to resist to all this noise, but in vain… What a sound! It's only when we get to the second track that it's getting quieter,  on a long and dark atmospheric piece of music, filled with discreet and deaf voices, full of icy violence. The last track presents itself as the twin brother of the first one, with the return of these impressive and tough sounds. One would easely think that we are in a metallurgy in decomposition, at the last stage before the explosion, like the ideal music for a nightmarish movie. And we ask for more ! Notice the originality of the superb sleeve. Listeninh to this album is a fundamental experience, giving way to the experimental chants of this unique album.

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

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