Subtone Trio


When two generations meet, opposing the instruments to the machines, the conflict is not necessarily open, and that's what happened in the sweet alchemy of this album. Daniel Geiser has been a dj since several years, specialized since some time in the drum & bass. When he had the idea to create a warmer and organic sound from the basis of his manipulations, his father's presence imposes itself naturally. Indeed, Jean-Claude Geiser has been a trumpet player for over 35 years within the 2l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande", and also teacher of many jazz trumpet players, such as Eric Truffaz (on Blue Note). The meeting with Bertrand Blessing, an excellent jazz drummer and also a vibraphone player, came to the natural creation of Subtone Trio.
"Load " is a remarkable album, binding with genius the rigor of electronics to the invigorating breaths  of acoustic instruments. The alchemy creates itself in perfect symbiosis, rallying gracefully the scattered notes of jazz to the drum & bass tempos, recalling here and there the charming climates of Mile Davis. Each track is learnedly programmed, adjusting the electronic part, as well as its central theme, and the rest is let to the practiced fingers of the improvisation of the two jazzmen to the trumpet, to the vibraphone and to the percussions. The Genevan succeeded with brio in avoiding the numerous traps caused by dangerous mixes of different types of music, and offer a magnificent album of a refreshing spontaneity.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

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