Opera Multi Steel 

Éternelle Tourmente

No one is a prophet in his country, and the members of Opera Multi Steel won't deny this proverb. Following the album " Stella Obscura " released in 1992, the group decided to put a term to its career, suppressed by problems of personal order and also by the lack of interest of France and its record labels. This is hallucinating to notice that OMS owes its resurrection to the enthusiasm of the Brazilian audience and labels !!

Shame to the French speaking countries that have let escape such a jewel! Opera Multi Steel built its cathedral of sounds through a perfect and unique discography, as they've already been existing since 1984, with the same artistic and pure philosophy that guided their inspiration.. Their music is very difficult to classify, since they are the only masters of their so particular style , what is very respectable. Although the roots of the group are strongly anchored in the post - punk, cold-wave era, the compositions are strongly impregnated of their passion for the Middle Ages. And I don't think at all that I'm exagerating while affirming that their new album " Eternelle Tourmente " represents their most accomplished and succeeded work to date. The sometimes minimalist arrangements of the past let the place to a strong and precise orchestration, whose clarity is equal to its beauty.

Maximin and Mélanie, two children having virginal apparitions, act as thread drivers along the 11 present tracks, introducing a refreshing and naive and instinctive note as well as a well hidden irony. The few people being still refractory to the splendors of OMS should find here their happiness, and those already acquired to the medieval songs of the band are going to reach the heaven. And I weigh my wordsb !! This album is a pure splendor, in the same vein as all these records we'll still love for an incalculable number of years, such as Closer of Joy Division, Aion of Dead Can Dance, Tendercide of Shock Headed Peters or 100 Lives of Resistance. " Laudatum Te " and its lyrics in Latin, full of religiosity, " Pauvre Sens et Pauvre Mémoire ", certainly one of the best track of this album, with lyricst taken from the medieval poet Rutebeuf. The voice of Carine Grieg (Collection dArnell-Andrea) beautifies the music and the arrangements with parsimony and gentleness. Patrick's lyrics, hopelessly beautiful, oscillate between lived melancholy and disillusioned sourness. The songs tug themselves between electro - pop, folk, darkwave, the leaded bass contrasting marvellously with the volatile grace of a rich instrumentation, with this indelible medieval spirit in the background . And still these subtle and recognizable tics - strong echoes in the voice, luminous keyboards, inimitable phrasing... this is really brilliant !!! And last but not least, a superb canvas of the Finnish painter Hugo Simberg (1873-1917) as the sleeve picture, which makes us believe that it has especially been made for them...

This record comes of course highly recommended, and indispensable!!!!!!!!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
June 2000

Contacts and orders :

Opera Multi Steel
La Gare 2, route des Sauges
18390 Savigny en Septaine
Tél. / fax : (++33) (0)
e-mail : OPERA.MULTI.STEEL@wanadoo.fr
Web : http://perso.wanadoo.fr/opera.multi.steel/

Label and Distribution: Triton, Kronprinzstrasse 106, D-40217 Düsseldorf
                                         e-mail: TRITON.REC@t-online.de

Discography :

« OPERA MULTI STEEL » Eponymous 45 EP (1984) ORC 841
Including : Rien, Fêtes Komité, Jardin Botanique, Massabielle.

« CATHEDRALE» LP (1985) ORC 853
Including : Du son des cloches, Forme et Reforme, Empire, Brasier Communiquant, Piscine à Tokyo, Cathédrale, Frantz est mort, Attitudes, Ils s’éloignent, Un Froid Seul.
(Deleted as vinyl)

The tracks of these two records are now available as one cd:
« CATHEDRALE »(1997) ORCDC 9719

« OPERA MULTI STEEL » 45 RPM (1987) ORC 878
Including : Personne ne dort, Jamais plus.
(Definitely deleted)

« A CONTRESENS » LP (1988) ORC 8811
Including : Paulette à la plage, Prométhée, Les Sens, Las, A Contresens, Les Grands Orchestres, J.l’Aveugle, Oraisons Minimes.
(LP only but soon available as CD)

« LES DOULEURS DE L’ENNUI » LP (1990) ORC 9014/ D 445
Including : Le Phare, Les Reliquaires, Nihil novi sub sole, Si c’est ainsi, Les Douleurs de l’Ennui, Jezabel, Touriste Américain, Existence Rebelle, Premières Loges, Légers et Irréels, Eveil Total.
(This record is now available as cd ORCDLBY 9820)

« STELLA OBSCURA » CD (1992) ORCD 9218
Including : Benedictus, Spacio Astro, Tant Royale est sa Lumière, Exaucez-nous, Tes Lèvres Un Abat-son, Les Prophètes, Du Chant des Elfes, Les Arbres attendent, Les Martyrs, Mieux les Hommes vivent, Grégoire, Sol lucet omnibus, Armide (Winter Mix), Noire et Verte, La Voix qui sauve, Pilgrim’s Song, Memorias de Vigo.

« DAYS of CREATION, An anthology 1984-1994 »
Compilation CD (1995) MO 001/957005
Including : Jardin Botanique, Massabielle, Du Son des Cloches, Cathédrale, Ils s’éloignent, Un Froid Seul, Jamais plus, Les Sens, Las, Nihil Novi sub Sole, Les Douleurs de l’Ennui, Premières Loges, Les Martyrs, Armide + 3 unreleased tracks : Saveurs de Rigueur, Vive le Culte, Toi mon Commensal.

« HISTOIRES de FRANCE » CD (1997) MO 003 / 957009
Including : Tout s’oublie vite, Quatre Ecclésiastes, Des Saints et des Miracles, Messager Monotone, Tout Acte est Prière, Ecran Couleur, Regrets qui s’écaillent, Chambre Froide, Tant Pis, Lunettes Solaires, Un Cri, La Grue Couronnée, Moi je m’ennuie, Poursuis une Ombre.

Including : Laudamus Te,Parfums Esthers, Autres Appels, Pauvre Sens Et Pauvre Mémoire, Latences, Toujours Ces Chants, Délices De La Moisson, Tristesse, Indigo Royal, Heure Matinale, Traversons Le Présent


 « Vie Si Joliment Vide » Released with Individual Industry On the album « Ice Water » (Cri du Chat Disques - 1996)

 « Eleanor Rigby » tribute to the Beatles, Released On « Black Sundays Vol. II » (Gothic Compilation, Brazil - 1995)

These two CD's are Available in Brazil at Lullaby