Voice Crack


Voice Crack started their career twenty-five years ago, using acoustic instruments, like a double - bass or wind instruments, oriented in jazz sounds, but evolving incontestably toward a lot more experimental structures with distortions of sounds, working them again and again. Without being really conscious of it, they already foresaw all future developments of the electronic music. They started then using more and more some common daily sounds, extracted from various noises, from toys, from the radio, etc... to denature them in collecting them in a more or less coherent way (they always refused to use sequencers). They became gradually experts in improvised music and their reputation came long around. The Swiss duet made itself notice then in the beginning of the 90's by personalities such as Tom Cora, Butch Morris, Jim O'Rourke. Their music became less "noise" and won in electronic efficiency with a lot of improvisation. All these qualities meet on Shock_Late, real digest of all these mad years, during which they endeavored to create their sound. This album is a pure jewel of various and complex electronic sound experimentations, using infinite sound sources, mixed and repetitive. Every noise has its place, although the chaos seems to dominate sometimes. The interest comes from the impressive quantity of sound material they used, making sound many other electronic artists . The label Entenpfuhl proves a new time his its constant qualitative research, having already produced albums of Jim O'Rourke, C-Schulzes or Frank Dommert.
A very beautiful album for masters of the improvised sound art.
Recommended  !

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

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