On the Brink of Infinity

Everytime I notice Tony Wakeford appearing on a compilation, I buy a copy of it in strict confidence, as if it was a proof of quality.

And disappointment was indeed missing, as the mastermind behind this project is Derek Rush, owner of the label Chthonic Streams and frontman of Dream Into Dust. This compilation is devoted to the theme of death and rebirth. Twelve bands are involved in this project and Tony Wakeford / Matt Howden start the album with the first track, very close to Europa Calling or Eleven. Empyrium offers a very nice medieval dark-folk track while Arcane Art is not very persuasive. It's a pleasure to discover then an Argine side-project under the name Anima In Fiamme, with an excellent neo-classical instrumental with violin and piano. I'm waiting to hear some more… Funerary Call contributes a dark ritual industrial track, with samples and sequences. Nothus Filius Mortis from Spain offers a dark ambient track, in the same way as on the Eisteddfod compilation; Kerovnian, Gruntsplatter and 15 Delights of Dyonisus all find themselves bringing experimental dark ambient industrial pieces, with a kind of a noisier stuff for Gruntsplatter. 4th Sign of the Apocalypse and Dream Into Dust confirm with their two tracks their compatible tempers for their side-project A Murder of Angels. Finally comes Backworld with a nice exclusive neofolk song in the same artistic direction as their album "Anthems from the Pleasure Park".

This compilation is limited to 1000 copies and comes with an interesting digipack, which confirms the quality of this fine release.

This is a Chthonic Streams compilation, also distributed by World Serpent.

Chthonic Streams
Po Box 7003
New York NY 10116 USA

Web page : http://www.chthonicstreams.com