Here is a young French group of Strasbourg, active in the electro scene since 1994 already, and that presents here a CD - R demo with four tracks. "Tensions" brings us in the dark and electronic climates already heard in bands such as Trial, Calva Y Nada or Suicide Commando. Powerful rhythms, electronic reworked sounds, whispered deathly voices, sampled phrases. But where many German bands of the same kind exaggerate by excess of goodwill, or by mannerism , Ex - Tension only concentrates on the music itself, avoiding the trap in which many bands disappeared gradually. There are only a few groups that could carry on playing sincere electronic music without becoming a living cliché.  And Ex - Tension could really become one of these. An excellent introduction with beautiful part of electronic tensions, never sounding monotonous and  perfectly anchored in its time, introducing here and there the new tendencies of the synthetic music. Cold and intensive electro, as deep as clear. A name to remember…You can get informations from the band about forthcoming releases.

Highly advisable

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

Contact et renseignements :

Pierre-Yves & Vincent
e-mail : ex_tension_xt@yahoo.com