Speaking Silence


Here is a comeback as welcome as unexpected. following the very beautiful "Speak in Silence" album appeared in 1994 on the German label Hyperium, 4 years went by until this unexpected "Insides ". And it was worth waiting for it as the quality of this album is blameless. The voice of Carla is always as limpid and crystalline, Alain's arrangements always as luminous and flaming. The references to Cocteau Twins don't dry up at all the tragic beauty of these 13 jewels of irrefutable charm. The melancholy and the romanticism act as backbone to the bitter soft melodies of the Parisian duet, flirting with tenacious pop wave songs (After all these years; Angel skin, Goodbye Flesh) filled of a delicate nostalgia towards our young years, while allowing some nightmarish moments (In my sisters's hands). Listening to this album, one likes wondering where disappeared the dear refined ears  of the labels owners, so that Carla and Alain had to produce themselves their last masterpiece. The song of the sirens coats itself of its most beautiful assets with an irresistible appeal. All amateur of the Cocteau Twins, Cranes, or Kate Bush or Empress and the what was called " heavenly voices " must possess this album, worthy successor in the continuity of the first release. A nectar gracefully available and delightfully charming.
Highly recommended

Stéphane Fivaz
June 2000

Contacts and informations :

Speaking Silence
Carla Picchiantano et Alain Grandiere
7 rue de Stains
77230 Villeneuve sous Dammartin
tél. : 0033 - (0)1
e-mail : speaking.silence@free.fr

Discographie :

- 1 titre "Immunity", compilation "Heavenly Voices", Hyperium, CD 1994
- "Speak in Silence", album sur Hyperium, CD 1994
- "Insides", autoproduit, CD 1999