Mikael Stavöstrand


Mikael Stavöstrand is well-known in the Swedish experimental and electronic scene, not only as an   artist, but also as founder of a label. His new album is going radically on a new way, a lot more minimalist that his previous works,halfway of the abstract electronic musics and the swarming trails of various digital experimentations. The tracks are lovely repetitive, without being boring though. This music takes its strength in its simplicity, keeping on its creator's sound researches only. Some delicate jangle sometimes serves to constitute an efficient rhythm, constructed around scientists  electronic dosages. This album shines by its constancy, its indescribable attractive power. The strength of these compositions only results from only one thread, ready to break itself at all times, delicate and fragile, and yet the accident doesn't occur.... An admirable work of experimentation, on a music orchestrated with tiny little sounds, collected one to the other, for a result of a rare consistency. Repetitive and intoxicating, this album is a pure jewel of electronic and minimalis music. This record has been released by the ownlabel of Stravöstrand, Mitek, claim to the promotion of Scandinavian artists in this musical style. Some beautiful days to be coming ...
A success !


Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

Label : Mitek (01)

Distributors :

Japan : Digital Narcis (dnarcis@jxa.jumbo.or.jp)
Australia : sans serif (andre@sansserif.com.au)
Sweden : nursery (www.nursery.a.se
Switzerland : Namskeio (www.namskeio.ch)
An album of Mikael Stavöstrand is also scheduled on the excellent label Namskeio ...