Lady Morphia

Recitals to Renewal

Here is finally the first full-length album from the two English brothers Nick and Chris Nedzynski under the name Lady Morphia. Their last release "Pangaea" (MCD 5 tracks, 1998) revealed many qualities and was indeed a very good production but compositions were a little bit too close to their obvious influences such as Death in June (Rose Clouds of Holocaust) or even Christian Death (Only Theatre of Pain).

More than a year is gone now and time for maturity has come. When listening to that album, it seems that this period of time was longer or that we're confronted with another experienced band, considering the stunning beauty of this first-rate recording. It's comforting and stimulating to notice that England still has excellent "young" artists (excepting of course the famous ones we've been listening to the last 20 years) evolving in an apocalyptic neo-folk style, which is rather stronger in Germany nowadays.

"Recitals to Renewal" is dedicated to Ernst Jünger (1895-1998), who's influence is deeply present along these 14 tracks, not only in spirit but also through his words and also a recording of his voice reading from his essay Das Sanduhrbuch. This wonderful work is their best and most accomplished to date. A fine neo-folk release, with acoustic guitars overlaid with lush neo-classical arrangements, very close to the best releases of the World Serpent catalogue. It features a wide range of styles such as a combination of Eurocentric 'apocalyptic folk', neo-classical, martial rhythms, experimental and even dark ambient, with percussive sounds coming from a varied instrumentation, from strings, woodwind, vibraphone to timpani, snares, floor drums, chimes, triangles, samples, amongst others. Whatever style they utilise, however, the Lady Morphia sound always remains exceptionally evocative and darkly compelling. The lyrics match this wealth of ideas, being at once beautifully poetic and engagingly ambiguous. As the title suggests, the album concerns itself with the overall theme of renewal. Other keywords include revival, regeneration, survival, the spirit, the past, the future, hope, despair and Europe.

The first track reminds me of the best period of In The Nursery, while the other ones will enjoy those who are familiar with Death in June, Ostara, Sol Invictus or Eyeless in Gaza. All this superbly packaged with stunning artwork in the booklet. This is a brilliant album which is of course highly recommended.

Lady Morphia
North Park Cottage
Paddock Wood
Little Walden
Essex CB10 1XE

Recitals to Renewal is available via Triton and Tesco.

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Triton :
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Recitals to Renewal is also available direct from the Lady Morphia address above. It costs £10 inclusive of postage and packing within the UK and Europe. For the rest of the world please add £1. Eurocheques, Banker's Drafts and IMO's in pounds sterling are accepted. However, if paying by IMO please add £2 to cover British bank charges.


Tales from the Surgical Ward (MC, five tracks, 1996)
Ideology and Emotion (MC, six tracks, 1997)
Pangaea (MCD, five tracks, 1998)
Recitals to Renewal (CD, fourtenn tracks, 1999/2000)

Stéphane Fivaz
March 2000