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What a great discovery! It is unbeluievable for me to notice that this artist collaborated with one my favorite formations, and I never heard about her. Better late than never. Diana Obscura is not only a musician, but also a singer and an artist performer based in Atlanta (USA). She releases her first mini album, and also plays the cello in a neoclassic trio named Aphelion. She is also part of the Living Jarboe Band (ex - Swans), as well as of a troop of multimedia performers, Daffodil.
On this album it is very enjoyable to find the presence of Joseph Budenholzer of Backworld on most pieces, playing the guitar and producing most of the songs, as well as Chandler Rentz of the group the Changelings. The compositions are centered on the marriage of the cello and the voice, accompanied either by a flute, an acoustic guitar or a tambourine. Having a deep and classic orientation, the influences go from the Anglo-Saxon folklore to the ambiances anchored in the Middle Age. Mightily acoustic, music proves to be sensual and iridescent, filled of a soft violence, intern and contained. The immediate beauty of this timeless music sends us back toward the splendid neofolk lands, without being a cliché of this kind of music. One even recovers some reminiscences of the bewitched world of Jarboe (Hylas), and there's even a  fiercely Gothic track (A- 9 APU / STI200). But the main orientation of the album remains in traditional songs in the manner of   Fire + Ice, with an autumnal cello and sometimes an acoustic guitar. Diana McCrary can be proud to have succeeded a beautiful performance with this album of an exemplary maturity, of which longevity and popularity are not going to stop growing with the months to come. A talented lady came out of the obscurity ...
Superb !!!!!!

Highly recommended, a must !

Stéphane Fivaz
October 2000

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