Each time the one-and-only great godfather of industrial noise Boyd Rice comes out with a brand new work, we always have to joy and to tremble at the same time. After over 25 years of uncompromising and devastating career, I was curious to discover what he could have done to shock us once again. The only adjective I can find to define "Receive the Flame" is absolute . The CD booklet quotes Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who found in fire the essence of reality, and probably nothing more appropriate could have been chosen, as this new NON work is what gives the best the feelings of a 36 minutes-long dive into this cosmic "Everlasting Fire".

A track titled "Alpha" opens hostilities, as well as the "Omega" one leaves us finally alone; our senses drown into eight dense vortex of layered looped noise, in the very heart of which a secret and subliminal melody is buried . The facetious Mr. Rice is able to package devastating moments like "Spectre", a claustrophobic string-based track which grows progressively into total cacophony, and "Medici Mass", which disturbs with minimal noises a monumental organ played by Blood Axisí guitar man Robert Ferbreche, as well as a quite unusual sweet and melodic piano ballad called "Solitude", leading us to his ancient passion for 60sí silly "bubblegum music".

This last track is also available as a limited 700 copies 7" release, which is particularly interesting because it features a second hole drilled, so it is possible to play it off-centered, most like Boydís early releases.

25 years are passed, but no trace of that could be found into NONís work, which remains disturbing, devastating, significant and unique as it was the day of the legendary "Pagan Muzak" ís release.

This album is recommended only for strong ears and stomachs.

"Fire is want and surfeit"

Ragnar Redbeard

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Photo by Myriam Blassnigg

April 2000