Snark evolves in a musical kind in full expansion, better developed in the United States and Canada that in Europe, but the relief is coming, with a supplementary originality sprig. Yet it is difficult to classify them. Even though the mind is anchored in a timeless post - rock,
the approach wishes to be more minimalist and personal, nearly pop. The moving melodic constructions (Street Greek, Sophi Smallherz) join magnificent sound experimentations (Oebble) on delicate and sublime crystalline assemblies (A as Angström). Some tracks sound like a more acoustic version of Stereoloab (Starsailor, my Space Hologram) or  Diabologum if they were a female band (Ip - Ip - Tv). But on the whole the personality of the group remained intact, flirting gleefully to the will of their influences, without rushing them ever, while preserving a strong identity. A superb album we can listen to without interruption, with calmness and serenity. One of these records that has some difficulty to leave the turntable, whose presence becomes familiar and indispensable, and toward which one will always come back, like a personal treasure hidden far from the indiscreet and envious looks.
A major discovery!

Highly recommended  !

Stéphane Fivaz
September 2000

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Tout L'Univers Records
G. Duponchel
4, rue de Solignac
54000 Nancy
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