Christian Wolz

E Inom Rah

Life is not long enough to tell you all the best I think about Christian Wolz. His last album " E Inom Rah " has been released this time on the excellent French label Prikosnovénie, which artistic choices are always of high quality. Christian Wolz perseveres in his so particular vocal technique,  integrating a minimalist instrumentation, nearly avant-gardist, of industrial ambient obedience. The musical colors take a tinge of mystical and sometimes oriental ambiances, or even medieval, in the best Dead Can Dance tradition. An album of Christian Wolz is in itself an unique experience, an approach of the scrutinized mischievously human madness, without compromise, exploring his favourite themes, birth, life, death, where soul and mind import more thatanything else. One sometimes has the impression to listen tor different vocalists, so much the sound palette used by Christian Wolz is large, it is to believe that this man possesses at least about ten vocal ropes. The violin, the samples, the synthesizers come marvellously with a song of forgotten times , a real artistic outlet for an apocalyptic trance.  Rarely such a cohesion between the voice and the instruments end in such a beautiful symbiosis, a mastery and an exemplary maturity. Complete artist in the broad sense of the term, Christian Wolz presents us an album of a terrifying and magic beauty. An indispensable album, just released and already a classic.

Superb, a must !!!

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

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Discography :
"El Castata" (1992)
"Devil Intus Mestra de la Fore - Song of a Maniac" (1993)
"Schmerzarie" (limited edition 1997)
"Aza-Domaa/H/Ertum - we live and die" (1998)
" NO-30.98" (live album / limited edition 1998)
"E Inom Rah" (Prikosnovénie - 2000)