Lux Interna

Truth and Beauty and all their Severity

Lux Interna released a very promising demo at the beginning of this year, and then harnessed their efforts on recording these titles professionally. And the result is just as I had expected it. As much their first listening augured a very beautiful and honest production, as much the songs on this ep are resplendent of reinforced strength and magnificence. The music remains, of course, anchored in the mysteries of early apocalyptic folk, but the acoustic aspect is harmoniously enhanced. The guitar sounds more tender and iridescent and the electronic background more intricate. The tracks, with their improved orchestration and production, pass into high gear and flirt cheerfully with the tenors of black folk at its best. Their originality comes perhaps from the mix of eighties influences and those of the neofolk masters from World Serpent. Two titles are missing from the initial demo, the Blood Axis like “Blut Fuer Blut” and the ambient track, which brings a welcome coherence to the ep. Joshua’s hoarse voice fits in perfectly with the, dark and decadent, bittersweet compositions, enhanced by Kathryn’s atmospheric voice and the assistance of two extra musicians. The themes remain obviously unchanged, as explained in the March review, oscillating between “God(s) and religion, nature, war, marked by allusions to Nordic myths, with here and there the inexhaustible demons of a permanent duality between strength and weakness, virtue and vice, creation and destruction, power and submission, to be short, all the themes close to the imaginary peregrinations of Tony Wakeford.” This magnificent five-title ep should be released on 1st January 2001. Lux Interna rejoins the pages of darkfolk history, entering through the main door, whilst retaining their hard-earned independence, on their way to recognition.


Stéphane Fivaz
Décembre 2000
Translation : Ian C.

Contacts and informations :

Joshua Ian Levi and Kathryn Cielewich
Lux Interna
364 Woodward Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14214
e-mail :
Web :

- The Lux Interna review from March 2000 is still available.

 I kindly ask all labels, in search of new talented artists, to be interested in Lux Interna, who surprisely still haven't any deal with a label ...

16 February 2001 : I just had the information about the fact that Lux Interna will release this album on Eis & Licht in March 2001, it will be a  vinyl edition ( 10'' ). I thank all labels which have been interested in Lux Interna, following my plea.