Cerberus Shoal

Crash my Moon Yacht

Cerberus Shoal was born in Boston in 1994 and took time year after year to create an atypical and varied music. One could qualify the music of these Americans as post - rock , by simplicity, but it wouldn't be fair, as they succeeded in avoiding all the clichésconnected to that kind of music. Certainly the roots are taken in punk music, patiently digested and tamed. Long pieces of ambient and atmospheric music, sometimes with experimental sounds, like a controlled storm, when it is not roaring. Music wants to be intense, rich and cerebral, as relaxing as subtle.Apart from the classic instrumentation - guitar, bass, battery -  there are a multitude of sounds coming from trompets and saxophones, flute, piano, congas or didjeridoo. Here is an essentially quiet, beautiful and bewitching music, close to the dull and lunar ambiances of Godspeed You Black Emperor, although  more or less different, more serene, less tortured. " Crash my Moon Yacht " is their fourth album, the first one officially released in Europe, and their most mature work yet. A great album and a superb discovery.
Fantastic, and highly recommended to the amateurs of post - rock and to the recalcitrant as well.

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

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