The only Russian bands that I know are Romowe Rikoito and Moon Far Away. And I just discovered another Russian project, playing marvellously some inspired and melancholic neofolk. Neutral was born in 1994 while beginning their career with industrial music. The group didn't play much during some time but was then back to work in 1996, with a new member, and the release of an album " the Dream that destroys the Dreamer ", very Gothic - dark wave oriented . Then time has been passing by and new people joined the group. Having digested all their influences, the musical tendency of Neutral now affirms itself in a lucid and limpid way, through tidy darkfolk melodies. The four tracks on this demo have been recorded live, in the Luisen church of Königsberg, on April 30th 2000. The instrumentation is classic and acoustic, with piano and mandolin,  percussions, a sublime violin and the eternal acoustic guitar. But this last one is not played in a cliché way, but in a real personal manner, where each note clearly detaches itself, crystalline and serene. One thinks about Current 93 or Backworld, so much the general spirit of these songs gets close to these bands, maybe by the magic of the violin, a truly romantic symbol. The melodies, sublime, slip through, in calmness, letting the way to the voice, filled with grace, gorgeously dark. They have a personal manner in playing darkfolk songs, which gives to this quintet its originality, in the same vein as Forseti or Scivias. The complete and official version of this concert will probably be available on album in October 2000, on Brudenia Records. Don't hesitate one second to get yourself a copy, the jewels that are tracks like " Fest-Noz " or " Diamonds in Hands " cannot remain any longer in the obscurity. Neutral shows us with the most beautiful manner that their name will be important in the next future, and for a long time. Fans of neofolk, this record is for you!

Highly recommended !!!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000


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