The Monstrous Soul

Do you remember the fabulous " Paradise Disowned " in which Brian Lustmord worked with John Murphy for an album that became cult in the history of industrial ambient music . The Monstrous Soul " has been conceived in 1990 by Brian Lustmord and Adi Newtom, founder of Clock DVA, just after the superb dark ambient album "Heresy ". Released at the beginning on World Serpent, the Monstrous Soul " hasn't been available for three years now and finally sees the light of the resurrection thanks to Soleilmoon. The album has been recorded at a special time in Lustmord's discography, when Brian began to use more and more electronic processes and  digital sounds, breaking with the samples taken from acoustic or natural sound sources, as well as the traditional technologies of recording.
At the time of the recording of the album, Brian was living in a squat in London, no far from where David Tibet was living. And when we listen to the first albums of Current 93, we understand that this place is not fortuitous in the machiavellian and lugubrious sounds of these two artists.  "The Monstrous Soul" is a jewel of dark ambient, deep and decadent, marvelously atmospheric and filled with great sound discoveries. Oppressing and mystical, these compositions reflect the ideal soundtrack for dull movies. And it is not a surprise that Brian was solicited by the 7th art and that his music appears in more than 40 pictures, such as Strange Days, the Insider, the Crow, the Saint and many others.

Indispensable !!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
August 2000

Label : Soleilmoon recordings

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